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Sergei Prokofiev is one of the most acclaimed musical composer of the 20th century. His works are most valued and treated as classical gems particularly in the world of ballet, in repertoires of the biggest companies worldwide. Two out of six ballets opuses by Sergei Prokofiev are still performed today; legendary Romeo and Juliet and Cinderella. Since the successful restoration of Romeo and Juliet, which Ballet NdB danced in the world premiere, we have decided to add another Prokofiev’s ballet, the fairy-tale Cinderella to our repertoire. This Prokofiev’s second most performed ballet is one of the most popular and most performed children ballets ever. Choreographer for this new staging is Markéta Pimek Habalová, who has displayed her sense for stage action and humor in dancing in her previous works for Ballet NdB; Rhapsody in Blue and New Year’s Eve Lake of Swans. We believe this new, storytelling production of Cinderella will be the perfect family piece, that will be popular amongst children but will be also liked by their adult companions.

Premiére: 13th of May 2022 at Mahen Theatre 




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suitable for children of 6 years and older



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Production team

Sergei Prokofiev Author / Music
Markéta Pimek Habalová Choreography and Direction
Ondrej Olos Conductor
David Janošek Set Design
Pavel Knolle Costume Design


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