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Edith, the Little Sparrow

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No, I regret nothing…

A dance musical with great ability to communicate with the audience. This production gained many admirers over the years and not only amongst the dance lovers. The compelling production attempts to bring the audience closer to the phenomenon that is Piaf and outlines the life of the famous French singer in several episodes – her life on the streets of Paris, her first professional success, her first love but also her lost love, the downfalls in her life leading her to breaking point, her addictions to alcohol and drugs and her comeback… The great success of this show can be attributed to the choreographer and director, Libor Vaculík, who has previously worked on many critically acclaimed shows with Ballet NdB. The performance is also very popular thanks to the brilliant performance of Radka Fišarová, who is well-known for her appearances in the Prague musical productions such as Evita, Cleopatra, The Three Musketeers, Dracula, Angélique as well as starring in Lucrezia Borgia at National Theatre Prague. Both, known and lesser well-known songs from the repertoire of Edith Piaf are sung by Radka Fišerová in the original language, French.

Premiere: 22nd of May 2004 at Mahen Theatre





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duration: 2 hours 30 min
one intermission 20 min
suitable for children of 13 years and older


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Poster photography: Luděk Svítil

Poster design: Petr Havíř

Performance pictures: Kuba Jíra



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Production team

Libor Vaculík Choreography, Libretto and Direction
Václav Kopta Lyrics
Jan Dušek Set and Costume Design
Ivan Příkaský Assistant Choreographer
Alena Kolegarová Stage Manager


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