European Dance Competition Brno 2023

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The first-ever Czech international dance competition is intended for students of dance conservatories and professional ballet schools from all over Europe aged 12 years and up to graduation. The aim of the competition is to become a platform for discovering, supporting and promoting the artistic potential of each participant far beyond the competition itself. The European Dance Competition Brno 2023 will take place 27-29 June 2023 at the Janáček Theatre.

The ambitious new project of the European Dance Competition Brno 2023 relates to the rich history of NdB Ballet’s co-organisation of Czech, Czechoslovak and historically first international ballet competitions at the National Theatre Brno. Ballet NdB decided to change the traditional model of ballet competition and decided to organize an international competition in cooperation with the creative production company Art 4People and the Brno ballet school Filiánek.

The focus of the competition is broader and allows for the expansion of the competition spectrum to include purely contemporary forms of dance without the obligation to demonstrate exceptional skills in classical dance technique. This approach is a fundamental change that allows young dancers who focus mainly on contemporary dance to participate in the competition. An international jury will judge the young dancers in three competition categories over three days of competition, with the second and third rounds open to the public. Like our Ballet NdB 2 project, the international dance competition is focused on the future of the artistic dance field and specifically targets young dancers. Not surprisingly, the main prize of the competition is an engagement with Ballet NdB 2. Come and support the young talents and become their first enthusiastic audience.

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The deadline for entries for the competition is 9 June 2023.

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