Guest: Military Art Ensemble Ondráš; A Journey with Ondráš

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The ONDRÁŠ Military Art Ensemble is a Brno-based professional art ensemble established by the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic. Through music, song and dance the ensemble presents its audiences stylized folk art of the highest artistic quality. Currently ONDRÁŠ consists of an Orchestra of Folk Instruments, a dance group and female choir. In addition to working with traditional folk material, ONDRÁŠ also tries to incorporate other music and dance genres into their artistic output, as well as create its own original productions.

Music and musical adaptation: Michal Budinský, Jiří Gužík, Pavel Koplík, Martin Kovář, Monika Kovářová, Peter Mikulec, Jiří Slavík, Ondřej Veselý
Choreography: Rudolf Danajovič, Kateřina a Tomáš Jehličkovi, Žofia Habarta, Martin Krajňák, Jan Kysučan, Michal Majer

Lenght: 90 minutes without intermission

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With its program A Journey With Ondráš, the ensemble takes you on a trip across Central Europe. From the banks of Southern Bohemian ponds, through the beauty of Moravia and the liveliness of Slovakia, ONDRÁŠ showcases these diverse regions through music, song and dance. Whether it is traditional circle dances from Bohemia, characteristic dances from Southern Moravia, or an impressive dulcimer solo, in this program, audiences have the opportunity to experience it all. During the show, you will enjoy the broad variegation of costumes from multiple Czech and Slovak regions, and the grand finale of the program will be an impressive acrobatic choreography from Myjava. Come discover the rich cultural folk heritage of the Czech Republic and beyond!

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