Sergei Prokofiev

Romeo a Juliet – Ballet OpenAir 2022

Bishop’s Courtyard / Ballet Dates and tickets

14th – 17th July 2022

For the fifth year in a row, the audience will have the chance to see ballet under the starry sky. Ballet NdB Open Air will perform alongside other theatres and music concerts as part of the Summer at the Bishop’s Courtyard 2022, continuing in the tradition of successful open air projects in the past, Summer Ballet Cocktail at the Bishop’s Courtyard (2017, 2019) and at the Špilberk castle courtyard (2018). Ballet NdB will now perform the legendary Romeo and Juliet, in a special open air director cut. The historical ambience of the courtyard under the St. Peter Cathedral is but perfect for the most famous Shakespearean love story.

The neo-classical adaptation by choreographer Mário Radačovský, directed by Martin Glaser with set designed by Marek Hollý and costumes by Alexandra Grusková in combination with warm summer starry night and fabulous music by Sergei Prokofiev will be most definitely a night to remember. Creative team put together new scenography designed especially for the Bishop’s Courtyard. After its 1938 world premiere here, at the Mahen Theatre in Brno (formerly known as the Theatre on City Walls), Romeo and Juliet will have its premiere at yet another important place in our city.

This Shakespearean drama is one of the most adapted one for dance productions worldwide. Many versions staged by choreographers in 20th century are still performed today. One of the reasons of its popularity might be the evergreen of star-crossed lovers as well as the beautiful poetry of Sergei Prokofiev’s score that is now considered to be amongst the most significant ballet opuses ever. Despite the different setting from the original renaissance Verona, this adaptation sticks to the motive of the very first love spark between two young people. Another dominant theme is the hostile division of the society and the two fighting sides from which are lovers are coming from. It was the creative intention to adapt and retell the story of Romeo and Juliet as an up-to-date dance drama, relevant to the current era and ballet audience.

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Doors open at 19:30.

Performance starts at 20:15


duration: 2 hours

1 intermission 25 minutes

suitable for children of 12 years and older


Browse the full Summer at the Bishops Courtyard here.

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Production team

Sergei Prokofiev Author / Music
Mário Radačovský Choreography
Martin Glaser Direction
Marek Hollý Set design
Alexandra Grusková Costume design
Jana Přibylová Assistant Choreographer
Ivan Příkaský Assistant Choreographer
Alena Kolegarová Stage Manager


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