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Living to the Detriment of Others

Returning from the Trojan War, Cretan king Idomeneus is struck by a sea storm that he cannot survive unless he makes a deal with Poseidon: the first person he sees on arriving home must be sacrificed to the God of the Sea. Idomeneus agrees to the terms and Poseidon calms the storm. What the king does not realise, however, is that his own son Idamantes will welcome him at the landing.

The ancient myth had travelled from the antiquity into numerous legends and fairy tales and was also chosen by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for his early opera. Roland Schimmelpfennig (born in 1967) tells us the story four times – that is how many times ‘his’ Idomeneus tries to escape his grievous destiny. Can a man ever get out of such a deep indebtedness? Do fatal errors and irreversible decisions still exist in our today’s world or can everything be easily and purposively reinterpreted?  The breath-taking drama from the playwright who, at the end of the 1990’s, de facto established a brand-new staging convention, was written in 2008 for the Bayerische Staatsschauspiel. It is characterised by an immense, virtually Jungian imagination.

Czech premiere: 5th June 2020 at the Reduta Theatre

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Production team

Tomáš Dimter Translation
Štěpán Pácl Direction
Jaroslav Jurečka Dramaturgy
Linda Holubová Stage design, costume design


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