David Seidler

The King´s Speech

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A king may have problems, but must be resolved…

The play follows the struggle of the future king George VI with a handicap that could endanger not only his own position, but also the whole socio-political situation in a country standing at the threshold of the Second World War. The tense situation asks for a solid and energetic leader. And that can hardly be a stumbling king… Therefore, the heir of the throne undergoes a special treatment at an Australian expert named Lionel Logue, who was not only a speech therapist but also a distinguished therapist. Logue, with an infallible intuition, opens up a safe space in which the king can face his inner wounds, fear and aggression, and at the same time returns his speech to its natural element. A special bond between the king and his strange healer is created.

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Mahen Theatre / Činohra

The King´s Speech

  • 18/11/2021
  • 19:00 - 21:15