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Mahen’s Reduta

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An entertaining show, combining music with a talk show and a lecture, which offers to spectators a live concert of chamber music and outstanding songs interpreted by actors of our Drama Company. The musical performance is coupled with a playfully educational programme presenting the life of Jiří Mahen and the city of Brno.

Who was Jiří Mahen? Why do the Municipal Library of Brno, a theatre, a street, a statue, a hillside, a company and a fishermen’s club all bear his name? How come that Jiří Mahen (1882–1939) is still not as widely known as his renowned contemporaries? Our literary-musical show Mahen’s Reduta provides answers to all these questions and still more. In order to pay honour to the playwright, dramaturge, librarian and instigator of local cultural life, we invited several noted composers – Mario Buzzi, Zdeněk Král, David Rotter, David Smečka, Miloš Štědroň, and Miloš Orsoň Štědroň – to set fourteen of Mahen’s poems and ballads to music. The songs are interpreted by actors of our Drama Company – Hana Tomáš Briešťanská, Tereza Richtrová, Isabela Smečková Bencová, Jana Štvrtecká, Vojtěch Blahuta, Tomáš David, Jakub Svojanovský and Pavel Čeněk Vaculík – under the direction of Hana Mikolášková.

World premiere:  at Reduta Theatre on October 4th, 2021

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Production team

Hana Mikolášková Script and direction
Hana Hložková Dramaturg
Zdeněk Král Musical dramaturgy
Petr Svozílek Singing and music production
Mario Buzzi Music
David Rotter Music
SALONč4 Costume design
Jan Baterka Projections


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