Maxim Gorkij

The Lower Depths

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In the face of all that suffering, we, humans, are so ridiculous.


Just as our mind boggles at some sorts of human actions, Satin is baffled one morning when he wakes up with black-and-blue marks: ‘‘My head’s throbbing… Why do people punch one another over the noggin?” But no answer is in sight… The drama by modernist Russian playwright Maxim Gorky (1868–1936) deals with people living on the fringe of society at the turn of the century. The characters portrayed in The Lower Depths (1902) – like many characters of today’s plays and movies about social outsiders – are comical. In his comedy, Gorky acquaints us with a ”bunkhouse gang” whose dormitories resemble the present-day ones – yet fun is more cruel and the looming fates more dreadful. Along with Tchekhov, Tolstoy and Andreev, Maxim Gorky belongs to the greatest dramatists of Russian modernism, preserving his reputation in spite of the ideological label he acquired from both the Soviet and Czechoslovakia’s Communist regimes. Adapted by Tomáš Vůjtek, multiple winner of the Alfréd Radok Award for the best performance, Gorky’s most famous play will be directed by Ivan Krejčí, long-standing artistic director of the Arena Chamber Theatre in Ostrava.



Premiere: at Reduta Theatre on Octobre 14th, 2022

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Production team

Maxim Gorkij Author
Tomáš Vůjtek Translation and adaptation
Ivan Krejčí Direction
Tomáš Vůjtek Dramaturgy
Lucie Loosová Costume


When do we play?

The Lower Depths Theatre Reduta / Drama

The Lower Depths

  • 13/12/2023
  • 19:00 - 21:40