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How many people get killed because of ‘peace policy’ ambitions?


The legend of Neklan, the sixth of the seven Bohemian mythic princes, is not only a mythical variation on Patroclus, who went to fight the Trojans in place of Achilles, but also a compelling contribution to the Bohemian concept of humanism and pacifism. In terms of suspense and goriness, the combats led by related dynasties for the Vyšehrad castle and for the heritage of the mythical King Samo crown can compare to modern-day epic series such as Game of Thrones. Furthermore, the drama raises essential questions: In the face of an imminent war, can diplomacy be considered as cowardice or rather as craftiness? And what part can an ancient myth, a legend or a prophecy play in a peoples’ craving for war? In the prism of what is going on in Ukraine today, Zeyer’s drama has a particular resonance. Julius Zeyer (1841–1902), one of greatest Bohemian poets of late romantism and early modernism, is also the author of the fabulous drama Radúz and Mahulena. His play Neklan – witten in blank verse – has been adapted into the 20th century Czech by playwright, dramaturge and literary translator Jaroslav Vostrý (born in 1931). The play will be staged at the Mahen Theatre under the diretcion of Štěpán Pácl .


Premiere: at Mahen Theatre on December 2nd, 2022

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Production team

Julius Zeyer Author
Štěpán Pácl Direction
Jaroslav Jurečka Dramaturgy
Antonín Šilar Stage design
Matěj Sýkora Costume design
Eva Spoustová Language cooperation


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