Tracy Letts

The Minutes

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A municipal council meeting that gets out of hand, first degenerating into a conversational comedy, then into a farce and eventually into an anarchic scandal. However unlikely it may sound, this is really how things develop. Intended for theatregoers who appreciate masterfully orchestrated acting and who have the feeling that absurdity can often become reality.

A meeting of the city council of the Middle American small town Big Cherry has on its agenda new parking lots as well as festivities annually commemorating the victory of Sergeant Pym over savage Indian tribes. The newly appointed, resolved councillor Peel could not take part in the last meeting for personal reasons. Mr. Carp, who lost his seat for unclear reasons last time, is missing at the ongoing meeting. Mr. Peel would like to have a glimpse on the minutes from the previous council meeting. However, the local representatives refuse. Can’t we no longer trust each other? Step by step ‘peeling away’ what had actually occurred during the last meeting, Mr. Peel gradually uncovers the town’s whole and deeply unflattering history… Although this bitter comedy is based on American ‘life and institutions’, its portrayal of communal politics reminds of the Czech way of ‘drawing lots’ in public tenders. The latest comedy by the U.S. playwright Tracy Letts (born in 1965), whose Killer Joe and August: Osage Country have become perennial stars on Czech stages, received its world premiere at the Chicago Steppenwolf Theatre in November 2017.

Czech premiere: 14th February 2020 at the Reduta Theatre

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Production team

Tracy Letts Author
Pavel Dominik Translation
Martin Glaser Direction
Barbara Gregorová Dramaturgy
Pavel Borák Stage design
Markéta Sládečková Costume Design
Martin Špetlík Light design
Martin Pacek Movement cooperation


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