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The most peculiar valet of the Czech literary landscape is roistering on the stage of the Mahen Theatre in the company of the Melody Gentlemen swing band! A bright and witty show, intense dramatical actions and fervour in the hall!

Ranking among the most popular humoristic novels in Czechia Saturnin by Zdeněk Jirotka (1911–2003) has been translated into multiple languages including, for instance, Latvian, German, Spanish, Italian, English and French. The winsome adventures of the astonishingly bright valet and his master, set in the refined atmosphere of Czechoslovakia’s First Republic (1918–1938), had taken root on domestic stages long ago. The Brno National Theatre puts on the book-to-stage adaptation by Martin Vačkář and a Ondřej Havelka directed by the Slovak director  Jakub Nvota. Rollicking to the rhythm of live swing are Saturnin (the part of whom is played by Martin Siničák, the winner of the 2013 Thalia Award), aunt Kateřina, Milouš, Miss Terebová, the grandpa and the ironical observer Doctor Vlach. This successful comedy, amusing all age groups, employs intelligent humour as well as fantastic courage to take ordinariness by storm – and by throwing doughnuts of course! Because, as the author of the legendary novel used to say: ”The most reprehensible form of absent-mindedness is when people forget to enjoy life.”

Premiere: at Mahen Theatre on November 27th, 2015

Length of staging: 3 hours with one intermission


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Production team

Jakub Nvota Direction
Martin Sládeček Dramaturgy
Szilárd Boraros Stage design
Hana Knotková Costume design
Mario Buzzi Music
Petr Svozílek Singing production


When do we play?

Saturnin Mahen Theatre / Činohra


  • 08/09/2022
  • 19:00 - 22:00