Johann Nepomuk Nestroy

Railway Marriages, or Vienna, Wiener Neustadt, Brno

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A biting comedy portraying an impromptu party in the kitchen of a train station restaurant. Unexpected plots and adventures unfold at the main railway station of Brno to the rhythm of frolicsome songs and at a furious pace. Recommended to lovers of frenzied, colourful and unbridled performances.

 Musical instrument makers, cousins Ignaz Stimmstock from Vienna and Peter Stimmstock from Krems, both want to get married. Ignaz fancies Therea Kipfl from Wiener Neustadt, Peter intends to lead to the altar Babett Zopak, from Brno. To achieve this, they invite the experienced matchmaker Zaschelhuber to help them realise their dreams. However, if the courting takes place on Emperor Ferdinand’s North-South Railways, mishaps may occur in the grand scheme of things. Inexperienced passengers easily mistake one train for another and suddenly find themselves heading in the opposite direction! Such unfortunate people have all the reason in the world to get upset, especially when another lovesick man crosses their path. In the story, the enamoured painter Patzmann kidnaps Nanny (the foster-daughter in the Zopak family), thus greatly complicating his life. And not only his!

In Nestroy’s comedy, the main characters are entangled in a complex network of love affairs but the main source of humour in this biting farce from 1843 is a modern phenomenon which revolutionised travelling: the invention of steam locomotive.

Premiere: 22nd January 2021 at the Reduta Theatre

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Production team

Václav Cejpek Translation
Martin Čičvák Direction
Milan Šotek Dramaturgy
Tom Ciller Stage design
Nina Stillmark Costume design
Mario Buzzi Music


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Railway Marriages, or Vienna, Wiener Neustadt, Brno Theatre Reduta / Drama

Railway Marriages, or Vienna, Wiener Neustadt, Brno

  • 07/12/2023
  • 19:00 - 20:40