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Incorrect humour performed by a distinctive actress who invites you to interact. An experience that you will be unable to forget, especially if you share it with a group of friends who relish unconventional theatrical mood and if you are ready for provocation and surprise.

 The actress Tereza Groszmannová leads a multifarious life and is not afraid of talking about it in public. Likewise, she has no restraint sharing her private observations concerning cultural life in Brno, including theatre backstage and an important sports club. As a result, she decides to redress the unfairness of the world. And because she is a doer, she intends to act for the common good. But in order to realize her praiseworthy action she needs a very solid alibi that is to be furnished by the audience. As the ‘affair’ is highly confidential, and slightly dangerous, there shouldn’t be too many witnesses. For that reason she opted to call her stand-up in a completely incomprehensible way to make it ‘unsaleable’. This unusual monodrama was written by theatre director Martin Čičvák (*1975) for Tereza Groszmannová, a vigorous comedial actress who can be put in charge of a crucial task: teaching the audience ‘shoot’ at diverse social and political targets with precision, pertinence and political incorrectness.

World premiere: at Reduta Theatre on June 21st, 2019

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Production team

Martin Čičvák Direction
Hana Hložková Dramaturgy


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