Josef Topol

Wandering of Souls

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How come that there can be so much joy in misfortune? The accomplished actress Marie Durnová gives us an answer through her portrayal of a lonely woman who does not allow her suffering to embitter her life. Thanks to playful humour and her capacity for staying on top of things, the principal, and only, character of the play provides the audience with an intense theatrical experience!

A small and gloomy basement apartment, stale air, a cobweb paradise. Everything seems temporary. And a little bleak. In this special place and time, the story of the ageing Magdalena comes to life. Her sense of existence revolves around the letters from her lover Robert, and the hope that one day she can move to America to start a new life with him. Her daydreaming is repeatedly interrupted by her disabled neighbour banging on the wall, asking her to come around. Yet Magdalena has already packed her suitcase! Now, she mustn’t miss the postman’s knock on the door.

Josef Topol’s lyrical text takes us to a situation where language becomes a reflection of the soul and allows us to look at a seemingly ordinary woman’s life story, in which there is limitless room for dreams and old memories. A text that is gently woven together for the first lady of the Brno drama ensemble, Marie Durnová.

Premiere: 18th September 2020 at the Mahen Theatre Studio stage

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Production team

Josef Topol Author
Štěpán Pácl Direction
Barbara Gregorová Dramaturgy
Michal Spratek Set and costume design


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