Celebratory concerts to mark the birthday of Richard Novák

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The name of the bass singer Richard Novák has been inextricably linked with Brno’s cultural scene for decades, and over the years he’s been working at the Janáček Opera at National Theatre Brno, this outstanding performer has indelibly entered the subconscious of several generations of classical music lovers. This autumn, he will celebrate a really special birthday, one which is even more extraordinary as he will celebrate reaching the age of ninety together with Brno spectators via two concerts in which he will also be the main performer.  The first concert on 24th September will be dedicated to his favourite songs,with Richard Novák performing Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms´ works to a piano accompaniment by Ivan Klánský.

The Celebratory Concert will take place in December, when together with Richard Novák and his guests Pavla Vykopalová, Peter Berger and Jiří Brückler, we will remember the famous Italian and Czech operas in which Richard Novák sang the bass roles in his own inimitable way. They will be accompanied by the orchestra and choir of the Janáček Opera of National Theatre Brno, conducted by Jan Štych.

Richard Novák became a soloist at the Brno Opera in 1963, and remaineda member of the ensemble until 2000. He soon proved his unique versatility as a singer, excelling in the classical repertoire, Czech operas as well as contemporary works. From the very beginning of his appearance on the Brno stage, he impressed audiencesthrough his acting, his beautiful voice with its broad vocal range, and hisperfect singing technique and musicality. His repertoire spanned many important operatic works by Händel, Mozart, Verdi, Wagner, Smetana, Dvořák, Martinů, Janáček,and others. He also played characters from the Czech repertoire,with beautiful characterisations of Beneš the jailer from Smetana´s Dalibor, Bonifác from Smetana´s The Secret, and Mumlal in The Two Widows. He also played the Vodník in Rusalka and the Forester in Janáček´s opera The Cunning Little Vixen, andwas unforgettable as Kecal in The Bartered Bride.

11. 12. 2021, Janáček Theatre 

conductor –  Jan Štych

Orchestra and choir of the Janáček Opera of National Theatre Brno

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