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Theatre Reduta / Drama 18/12/2022 10:00 - 11:05

Actors and puppets are playing and singing together in this playful and interactive performance! And what’s more, they are carrying out electrochemical experiments! Spectators can thus see with their own eyes the manufacture of a toothpaste for elephants! They will also learn that electricity may be contained within vegetables and fruit, and explore the multiple achievements of Edison, who was nicknamed the ”Wizard of Menlo Park”.

Inventors and their inventions. We hear so much about them! Every day we use many such inventions, taking them for granted. Yet a slight moment of discomfort is enough to make us appreciate each gadget and how much ingenuity and effort its invention required. Let’s take the example of one of the most famous and prolific American inventors, Thomas Alva Edison: although he did not always encounter success, support and acclaim throughout his career, his creative enthusiasm outweighed his misgivings. He maintained his boyhood joy of discovery throughout his adult life. His story is one of great strength, courage and determination to follow one’s path despite being an object of ridicule. Produced under the direction of Hana Mikolášková.

World premiere: at the Mahen Theatre’s Small Stage on June 19th, 2019

Since 1st March 2020 shown at Reduta Theatre.

Lentgth of the performance: 70 minutes without intermission

This performance is suitable for children aged 7 and above.

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Hana Hložková Dramaturgy
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Edison! Theatre Reduta / Drama


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Edison! Theatre Reduta / Drama


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Edison! Theatre Reduta / Drama


  • 18/12/2022
  • 10:00 - 11:05