Eberhard Streul

Papageno Plays the Magic Flute

Theatre Reduta / Opera 15/04/2024 10:00 - 10:45

Opera for children
Performed in Czech. Length of performance is 45 minut. The performance is for children from 4 to 8 years..

Where is Papagena?

Children belongs to the theatre and the theatre belongs to children! And this spectacular fairy‑tale is for children. There is plenty of magic, feathers and adventure about a queen whose only daughter was kidnapped by the evil black wizard Monostatos and therefore Prince Tamino is sent to set Princess Pamina free with the help of the bird catcher Papageno. There have been many adaptations of large operatic works into shorter, chamber‑style, pieces created in the last fifty years in an effort to popularize the operatic genre for children. It is understandable that these adaptors also chose The Magic Flute which is basically a fairy‑tale, filled with Mozart’s charming music. One of these children’s versions was created for the theatre in Mannheim under the title Papageno Plays the Magic Flute in 1980. It was written by Eberhard Streul, a contemporary German composer, director and dramaturgist. Accompanied by the cheerful bird catcher Papageno, children set out for an adventurous journey around a magic forest where they have to pass many tests with their fairy‑tale friends to finally find Papagena for Papageno.

This production was performed as its Czech premiere.

Premiere on 25th November 2011, Reduta Theatre


Piano         Ondrej Olos, Daša Briškárová
Celesta      Galina Aleskevich, Milada Březinová
Flute        Michal Vojáček

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Production team

Ondrej Olos Musical Preparation
Tomáš Pilař Director
Lucie Halgašová Set Design
Lucie Halgašová Costume Design


When do we play?

Papageno Plays the Magic Flute Theatre Reduta / Opera Eberhard Streul

Papageno Plays the Magic Flute

  • 15/04/2024
  • 10:00 - 10:45