Edward Clug

Radio and Juliet

Mahen Theatre / Ballet 21/01/2025 20:00 - 21:05

What would happen if Juliet decided to live?

Choreographer Edward Clug is an artist of European fame. He is not a stranger to Brno – his home ensemble, Ballet Maribor, performed Peer Gynt at the Janáček Theatre in 2017. Now, we added one of his most notable work, Radio and Juliet, to our repertoire. Since its premiere in 2005, it has gathered acclaim on many tours to more than twenty countries in Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States. Radio and Juliet is a non-traditional adaptation of the Shakespearean tale of the most famous Veronese lovers set to the music of Radiohead, one of the most successful rock bands today. You can be certain that you’ve never listened to Radiohead in this way or seen Romeo and Juliet performed quite like this. Elegant movement aesthetics and an uncommon sculpture by Edward Clug as an impressive decoration, fantastic light design and video projection. In this unconventional rendition of Shakespeare’s love story for one female dancer and six male dancers, the choreographer starts with the idea: What if Juliet decided to live? She wakes up next to the recumbent Romeo and recalls all the events that brought her to the tomb.

Czech premiere: 8th of August 2020 at Mahen Theatre

Listen to Radio and Juliet playlist on spotify.


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duration 1 hour 5 min
no intermission
suitable for children of 12 years and older

Listen to Radio and Juliet playlist on spotify!

For touring inquiries contact: stepankova@ndbrno.cz


Poster photography: Pavel Hejný

Poster design: Robert V. Novák

Performance pictures: Ctibor Bachratý

Video recording of the performance: Pavel Slavík




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Production team

Edward Clug Choreography and Direction
Radiohead Music
Marko Japelj Set Design
Leo Kulaš Costume Design
Tomaž Premzl Light Design
Matjaž Marin Staging
Markéta Pimek Habalová Assistant Choreographer
Gustavo Beserra Quintans Assistant Choreographer
Luděk Mrkos Stage Manager


When do we play?

Radio and Juliet Mahen Theatre / Ballet Edward Clug, Radiohead

Radio and Juliet

  • 21/01/2025
  • 20:00 - 21:05
Radio and Juliet Mahen Theatre / Ballet Edward Clug, Radiohead

Radio and Juliet

  • 01/03/2025
  • 19:00 - 20:05