Sergei Prokofiev

Romeo and Juliet

Janáček Theatre / Ballet 31/05/2021 19:00 - 21:20

Renewed for the 80th anniversary of its world premiere in Brno.

Prokofiev’s ballet drama Romeo and Juliet had its world premiere at the National Theatre Brno in 1938, choreographed by the Brno ballet legend, Ivo Vania Psota. Few ballet ensembles can boast of performing the world premiere of a work that has become one of the most staged ballets in the world. The Ballet NdB has such a title, and the latest production of this work will be the seventh premiered by the ensemble since 1938. Dance renditions of the Shakespeare drama are very popular, and many famous choreographers have created legendary stagings throughout the world in the 20th century up to this very day. The reason is not only the eternally resonant theme of tragic love but also the exceptional music by Sergei Prokofiev, widely regarded as one of the most beautiful ballet works of all time.

Although our story does not play out against the historical backdrop and renaissance costumes of Verona, it honours Shakespeare’s work and its main theme of young love. The dominant theme of the ballet is the hostile division of society, where the main characters coming from the opposite sides. The aim of the creators was to rework the original story into a modern dance drama which resonates with the period and the taste of today’s ballet audience.

Premiere: 8th of March 2019, Janáček Theatre

World premiere: 30th of December 1938, Mahen Theatre (back then Theatre on the City Walls)

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Production team

Sergei Prokofiev Author / Music
Mário Radačovský Choreographer
Martin Glaser Direction
Pavel Šnajdr Conductor
Marek Hollý Set Design
Alexandra Grusková Costume Design
Daniel Tesař Light Design
Jana Přibylová Assistant Choreographer
Ivan Příkaský Assistant Choreographer
Alena Kolegarová Stage Manager


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