Roland Schimmelpfennig

The Golden Dragon

Mahen Theatre / Drama 18/09/2023 19:00 - 20:35

Wild stories from an Asian restaurant

An unnamed European city at the beginning of the 21st century. Five Asian cooks hurrying to prepare tasty dishes for the clients of the China-Viet-Thai restaurant The Golden Dragon. It is anything but a favourable place to develop human relations: while the employees work under constant pressure, the consumers come just to stave off hunger. If you are an immigrant without a work permit, your situation is desperate. The case of a young Chinese man, suffering from toothache, who is not allowed to see a dentist, constitutes one of the dark plots with fatal consequences. The German playwright Roland Schimmelpfennig (born in 1967) wrote an ingeniously intertwined play for five actors in which women play the part of men and the young play the old, and vice versa. Nearly all the stories are told from several perspectives, suggesting different interpretations and points. The Golden Dragon (2009) ranks among the  most successful titles by the acclaimed dramatist. Through the agency of likely situations and poetic metaphors Schimmelpfennig comments on the reality of today’s life which is hopeless for those in the margins of our societies. This impressive theatrical ‘joyride’, based on Petr Štědroň’s newly revisited translation, will be staged by Martin Glaser.


Premiere: at Mahen Theatre on October 7th, 2022

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Production team

Petr Štědroň Translation
Martin Glaser Direction
Milan Šotek Dramaturgy
Petr Vítek Stage design
Movement cooperation
Ludmila Havelková Assistant direction


When do we play?

The Golden Dragon Mahen Theatre / Drama

The Golden Dragon

  • 18/09/2023
  • 19:00 - 20:35